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We are the leading heart charity in Wales for placing defibrillators in communities and delivering CPR and defibrillator training in Wales. We are regarded as the heart charity at the centre of saving lives in Wales.

Cardiovascular disease accounts for a third of all deaths in Wales.

In Wales the death rate is higher than in the majority of countries in Western Europe.


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  • To provide public-access defibrillators in Wales in close partnership with strategic partners.
  • To provide FREE defibrillator and CPR training for the Welsh public.
  • To ensure that monies raised in Wales are utilised and distributed within Wales on specific heart-related projects.



A future where nobody in Wales dies prematurely from heart disease.

Calon Heart Defibrillators has been established as a fundraising organisation to help save lives in Wales.

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Defibrillators Placed


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