Upcoming Screening Events

Calon Heart Screening is pleased to offer heart screening sessions for all people in the UK. We screen 16 years of age and upwards. 

We have a range of accessible heart screening packages available. Please select from below:

Part-funded Heart Screening for 26 years of age and upwards includes an ECG, Echocardiogram and a Consultation with the Cardiologist for £280. Various dates and times are available below.

Fully funded Heart Screenings for 16 to 25 years for FREE. This includes an ECG with an Echocardiogram only if the ECG detects any abnormalities, or at the discretion of the cardiologist. Please email info@calonhearts.org to book.

You can book a place online below to get your heart screened. To book an appointment, please choose the required date and complete your contact details before selecting your time slot and making payment. Following payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. If no dates are currently listed, please be patient while we arrange new dates.

Any queries please call 02922 402670.

Thank You

The Screening Team