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May - National Walking Month
13 May 2019

Did you know May is National Walking Month? There’s no better time to make some changes to your every day routine to get you a little more active, your heart will thank you for it. 

Research shows over 1 million Welsh people are 'physically inactive’. So come on Wales, let's get moving!

Why not join a walking or running club? Sponsored walks are a fantastic way to be more active and raise money for a good cause. You can choose whether to do something a bit more challenging if you like, for example a walk up Pen y Fan. Welsh Hearts will be doing this in June, so if you fancy joining us, you can sign up here

Or, you can take some smaller steps towards a healthier you

Why not:

◦ Take the stairs instead of a lift

◦ Walk to the shops instead of driving there

◦ Walk to work or school if possible

◦ Use your lunch break to get outside and stretch your legs

◦ Get off a few bus stops before your destination when taking public transport

◦ Park your car a bit further and walk to the destination


May Walking Month

May Walking Month

  • May Walking Month


You don’t need to walk for miles a day to improve your health. Research shows just 15 minutes a day of walking can: 

◦ Help lower blood pressure 

◦ Improve digestion, 

◦ Reduces pain and enhances mobility

◦ Improves cognitive performance and mood.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your walking shoes and get a bit more active this May ❤️

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