*Please ensure you follow government advice regarding self isolation and social distancing but especially if you have been identified as high risk of contracting coronavirus.


Having any type of heart of circulatory issue does not necessarily mean you are at any greater risk of contracting coronavirus as opposed to anybody else. Most people with coronavirus will experience mild symptoms which have been described as a new persistent cough, shortness of breath and/or a temperature.


However, anyone with health problems, a weakened immune system, anyone of a certain age or if you are pregnant, may be at more risk of developing complications if you contract coronavirus.


Government advice is frequently changing so please ensure you check their website for the most up to date information.


Currently, the advice is anyone with a heart condition is considered high risk of experiencing severe complications as a result of coronavirus. Those considered extremely high risk are anyone who is pregnant and have congenital/acquired heart disease, and anyone who has undergone an organ transplant.


Those who are also considered to be at high risk are:


◦ Over 70s with heart disease


◦ Anyone who has heart disease and lung disease or chronic kidney disease


◦ Anyone who has recently had open heart surgery or heart bypass surgery


◦ Anyone with congenital heart disease


◦ If you have severe angina


◦ If you’ve had heart failure


At the moment, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that atrial fibrillation or heart rhythm abnormalities would put you in the high risk category. Make sure you regularly check the government website here for the most up to date advice.




UK Government website