Defibrillators Placed


People Trained in CPR


Hearts Screened
Cardiff Life Awards
13 July 2020


Thank you so much Cardiff Life Awards for choosing Welsh Hearts as The Charity of The Year 2020. I am very humbled to receive this very special award on behalf of Welsh Hearts and in doing so I thank everyone who has supported me and my small team of staff plus all the amazing dedicated volunteers Welsh Hearts have had since our inception in 2013,
Every day our team of volunteers offer free cpr training in schools and communities, place defibrillators throughout Wales and with continued funds we can hold more heart screening sessions!
We have already placed over 2,000 defibrillators , taught cpr to over 65,000 people and screened 3,500 young people to detect heart abnormalities. We don’t receive any government funding but rely solely on public support, so receiving an award like this is at this time is incredibly valuable to us allowing us to continue saving even more lives in Wales!

Diolch o Galon ❤️Thank You

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