In March 2014 I fell unwell, and within a few weeks, I began collapsing when I stood up, then i got rushed to hospital and left bed bound for six month. I had numerous severe symptoms and doctors began investigating. Every test led to more tests and eventually doctors struggled to understand what was wrong and thought it might be M.E. I couldn't stand or cope with noise or light, kept passing out, legs collapsing, constant migraines, couldn't control my temperature, tolerate heat, food or anything sugary without collapsing. My entire life was turned upside down. 

Fast forward to two years on, scrolling through Google, desperate for answers I came across a condition called PoTS. I ticked all the boxes and monitored my heart rate before asking my consultant for the test. After a further year of waiting there was no improvement to my health, i still could not stand and the only way i could get around is by a wheelchair. I later spoke to specialists in PoTS who confirmed it sounded like the condition but I would still need a tilt table test to see whether my heart rate would increase. By this point (almost 3 years) I was in crippling pain, couldn't stand and now having chest pains and heart flutters. I became worried that something was very wrong which at that time I seen an ad from the Welsh Hearts. I was having my tilt table test in the next month but needed to be seen as soon as possible. Knowing a cardiologist would be there, I knew i was making the right choice by being seen by Welsh hearts. Prior to this I had never heard of them and i had no idea what to expect. I am amazed to be provided this service for £35, including an ECG and then reviewed by a cardiologist. 

I am so grateful for this service. For the first time in the 3 years, someone understood my condition and the symptoms of this invisible illness. The entire team were very friendly and empathetic. When I saw the cardiologist after the ECG, she was tremendously helpful and has done more than she knows. She advised me on the condition and ways to help it, explained how the tilt table test worked, that my heart rate would need to hit 120bpm within 10 minutes and if that happened it was PoTS. 

A month later I received my test, my heart rate 200bpm and blood pressure of 196/120 in 4 minutes and 43 seconds! Hopefully now I can receive answers and some treatment to help control the condition. It was thanks to Welsh Hearts that I got some answers and reassurance. Having the results back so I knew that I wasn't having a heart attack, was extremely comforting and put my mind to rest. I cant recommend them enough. Absolutely outstanding service that really do save lives. I can assure you, if you are worried about your heart, come along to their clinics. If its nothing, your mind will be put to rest and if something is found, you will be in exceptionally competent hands.